Friday, December 28, 2007

Glasses Are Expensive! Trying a Cheaper Alternative.

Well it's time for me to go see the eye doctor again and I scheduled my appointment yesterday. I am confident that my prescription has changed since my last visit, so that means I'll be needing new lenses. Since I only have one pair of glasses, I figured I had better go ahead and get another pair as a backup. However, the thought of paying $350+ for a new pair of glasses was terrifying me. I decided to do some research on cheap eyeglasses available on the Internet when I stumbled on Glassyeyes, a fantastic site all about buying glasses on the Internet complete with reviews of popular sites. I also found the Eyeglass People who will gladly take my old glasses and put new lenses in them for less than I would pay at the retail store. I am going to try both buying a new pair and lenses online and see how it goes. I will report back about my experience, but this looks to be one of the bigger money savers I have come across.

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