Sunday, December 16, 2007

Best of Armchair Fiduciary 2007

According to Google Analytics which I use to monitor traffic on Armchair Fiduciary for free here are the most read posts of 2007 (so far):

1) Wells Fargo PMA, the best financial combo package around? (146 views)

2) Should I Pay Down My House Early If I Can? (130 views)

3) How to Invest Your 401k: A Generic Guide. (115 views)

4) Got Loose Change? Thinking of Going to Coinstar? Forget about it. Save yourself 9%. (110 views)

5) 8 Random Facts About Arcmahir Fiduciary (103 views)

Thanks for making 2007 a great year and don't hesitate to suggest posts you'd like to see in 2008 in the comments!

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