Saturday, July 21, 2007

Want to make your most special date of the year affordable? Don't forget

Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of However, upon further inspection, this is one cool site with lots of good deals. The premise of the site is simple, when hotels and airlines still have available rooms or empty seats headed into a particular day and or weekend they do a lot better selling them for something than leaving those rooms or seats empty. is dedicated to making that inventory available to you.

I think it could be the ultimate spur of the moment, show stopper, add some spice to any relationship kind of date. Here's the idea. The next time things are feeling stale set aside a particular weekend for a excursion. Just tell your significant other you have a plan for that weekend and to stay free. Then when Friday rolls around go browse the site and find the cheapest deal that tickles your fancy. For instance, this weekend airfare and a hotel in Boston is less than $200 per person. This bit of spontaneity is sure to appreciated by your significant other and will probably be one of the coolest dates you do all year at a significant discount to retail price.

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