Saturday, July 28, 2007

American Express Cardholder? Hurry Up and Vote in the Members Project

American Express is doing a really cool charity contest called Members Project. The way it works is simple. Am Ex members suggest projects that they think can help the world and then they collectively vote on them. Each Am Ex member who signs up and votes represents $1 that Am Ex will give to the winning project up to $5 million. I voted for, a great charity that allows donors to choose specific projects to fund for kids at schools submitted by their teachers. You too can vote for this great project by registering at and choosing the project that says "Teachers Ask. You Choose. Students Learn." Outside of the great cash back features of my Am Ex Blue card I am proud to be giving something back to the world for spending 30 seconds to register at the site and vote. Hopefully you all will do the same! Be sure to hurry though as voting on the final 5 projects ends on August 7th, 2007. Also please Digg this post to help spread the word!

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