Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Found a Wallet Today and Wells Fargo Wouldn't Help Me Get It Back to the Owner: What Gives?

So today I woke up and went outside (bed head fully intact) to pick up my newspaper. However, when I stepped onto my front lawn I noticed a wallet lying open there. I looked around and didn't see anybody so I went ahead and picked it up. Knowing how frantic I would be if I lost my wallet, I began looking for some way to get in touch with the owner.

Inside the wallet was some cash, a driver's license, a social security card, a Wells Fargo check card, a Saks employee ID, some various store credit cards, and the business cards of the boys Jane Doe met out at the bar last night.

Attempt #1 to return said wallet: I pop onto the Internet and go to Enter Jane Doe's name. Not listed. Failure.

Attempt #2 to return said wallet: I jump in my car and drive the 10 blocks to the address on the license. I get to the apartment and look at the mail boxes. Jone Doe's box (#1) is blank. All the others have names. I ring the button for apartment #1. No answer. Damn. Failure.

Attempt #3 to return said wallet: I call Wells Fargo and explain the situation. I also explain that I understand they are not likely to be able to give me any information about Jane Doe. I ask may I please leave my contact information with you and can you call and give it to Jane Doe? No we don't do that sir, that is not our policy. Grrrr. Failure.

Attempt #4 to return said wallet: I go online and look up Saks. Thankfully there is only one in my city. I call Saks and ask for Jane Doe. I get connected to the cosmetics department:

Is Jane Doe there?
No she's not in today may I help you?
Well I have her wallet. Can someone call her with my contact information?
Sure let me take that down...

Needless to say 10 minutes later Jane Doe called and got her wallet back. It turns out she lived in an apartment next door and she lost it while chasing her dog through my yard. But what if she didn't work at Saks? Would I have had to give it to the police so it could sit in the lost and found forever? Would she have had to cancel all of her credit cards and get a new license and social security card?

It's all possible because Wells Fargo, which is a bank I am satisfied customer of, has a dumb policy in this regard. Here's just a tiny suggestion. If you want to build loyalty and have customers for life, help them get their wallet back if they lose it. That is if someone calls in and says, "I found a wallet will you please pass my contact information on to your customer?" For heaven's sake do it. I promise if I lost my wallet and you helped me get it back I would be a customer for life. This doesn't just go for Wells Fargo, all you credit card companies out there should be listening.

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SingleGuyMoney said...

Seems like they would be happy to do that as it would save them and the customer time and money changing the customers account number, billpay, direct deposits etc.