Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Making Some Bets

Well, I decided to make some bets today. I am putting new capital to work in several mutual funds including: RRPIX, MINDX, EUROX, and JARFX.

This will leave my current allocation of funds not invested at my employer as follows:
FNMIX - 3.9%
MAKOX - 11.4%
MINDX - 12.2%
EUROX - 12.2%
RRPIX - 19.6%
JARFX - 20.3%
CASH - 20.4%

The rational for the new buys is as follows:

RRPIX -- this is a 125% inverse of the 30 yr. treasury bond fund. I think inflation will tick up here over the next year or so to between 4-6% and expectations that the fed will raise rates will increase. People will sell 30 yr. treasuries as a result.

MINDX -- I like India long-term. The 20% sell-off this year represents a good opportunity to start investing in that view.

EUROX -- I also like Eastern Europe long-term. Russia still cheap given the move in oil. This fund has big bets in Russia for now. I hope the managers will allocate to other Eastern European countries as Russia gets more expensive.

JARFX -- I like this divesified international fund. Driven by a team of stock pickers, this fund keeps sector weightings that match the index. It has consistently generated alpha since its launch in 2005.

CASH -- I am keeping plenty of ammo in case there is another flight to quality (as I think there likely will be) so I can add to all of these purchases.

In case you are wondering why I buy mutual funds and not individual securities (since I pick equities professionally for a living) the reason is simple: The trading restrictions at many investment firms are very stringent (including mine). If I have a good individual idea I am obligated to put it in my fund for investors. Because I don't pull the trigger on any of the individual mutual fund holdings (the fund's manager does), I am allowed to trade the funds freely under our compliance policy. I do generally eat a fair amount of my own cooking (i.e. allocate the majority of my liquid capital to the fund I work at) because I think it aligns my incentives with our investors'.

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