Sunday, November 4, 2007

Multiple Appliance Discounts: Not Necessarily a Good Deal!

Well my wife and I went to the Home Depot today to buy some appliances for our kitchen remodel project. Besides melting my credit card, I learned that there are some discounts that just aren't worth getting. For instance, GE was offering up to $300 off on the purchase of multiple appliances. We wanted a GE dishwasher, but to get the discount we had to buy a GE range or a refrigerator. Unfortunately, my wife already had her heart set on a Jenn Air range due to a few of its features. That left a refrigerator. However, the price difference between the GE and the LG we had looked at before coming to the store for the price and features we wanted was nearly $1000. Needless to say, we actually saved more money by mixing and matching then falling for the trap of upgrading to an expensive GE with more features than we wanted or needed.

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